Sunday, 5 October 2014

Luxe Shopping /Lifestyle: West Hills Mall set to open 30th October 2014


"Day 26 has come and gone. Tomorrow is Monday and we continue the countdown to the opening of West Hills Mall on 30 October." West Hills Mall

"Shoes, fashion, family and food. So much on offer at West Hills Mall." West Hills Mall

Paulina says: Be honest............. there were moments when you thought this shopping mall would never happen -come on (laughter)... Thankfully the South African outfit behind this much anticipated venture -mean business!!!

About to become Accra, Ghana's premier shopping hub -West Hills Mall has already captured the imagination of Accra's most fashionable....and we can't wait.

"27,0002 of retail space. A mix of local and international restaurants and a cinema complex complete" ---West Hills Mall is huge with that all soooo important car park --and good roads to and fro!!!

Located on the Winneba Highway -not too far from the centre of town, West Hills Mall promises top brands including MAC (I know, I'm excited too) --fab restaurants and shopping experience like no other...

I've been told that the above photos don't do West Hills Mall justice and its really is fab --so we will all have to check it out on our next visit to Ghana... My goodness Accra is going to be sweet!!!

For more info visit: ""415700115181309

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